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The Curriculum of WGA

Learn about our golf programs

Summer & Winter Camp

During the hot summer vacation and cold winter holiday vacation, intensive golf programs, including hitting skills, practical teaching and other courses, so that children can have a different golf experience.

A series of lessons are planned for children to understand each child's habits, so that children can effectively improve their learning efficiency in the shortest time.

After School

We work with the golf club programs of many schools, including international schools and private schools, to promote the sport of golf on their campuses.


School club programs can choose to go to the driving range or use the school's grounds to start with a putting game, and lead the students into self-discipline practice after the interest is sparked.

On the Weekend

Designed specifically for children, the Golf Weekend Program provides professional instruction and training in an enjoyable and fun way, guiding them to learn basic hitting skills, course rules and etiquette, while fostering sportsmanship and teamwork.


We create a relaxing and enjoyable learning environment for children to spend a wonderful and fulfilling weekend.

Full-time Coaches

In the coaching program, individual coaching and group training are combined to provide professional all-round training in court technique, tactical strategy and psychological quality development.


Tailor-made teaching and course schedule flexibility. According to the needs of students and coaches to arrange the course time.

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