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Golf Academy

Westminster Golf Academy embraces
the elegance and challenge of golf.
We are committed to coaching our members to
excel at the game while fostering respect
and understanding of the etiquette and culture of the game.

We not only create skilled golfers,
but also to promote international sports and cultural exchanges through the multiculturalism of international schools.

Create a professional, respectful
and inclusive golf learning environment
where we can learn together and look to the future.


Embracing Youthful Excellence in Golf


Current Global Golf Participation


Golf Participation
in Taiwan


Growth Rate of Golf Participation in Taiwan

Golf in Taiwan is becoming more popular and youthful, aligning with global trends. We focus on nurturing interest and skills among young students, starting from their formative years. Through friendly exchanges with partner schools, we emphasize fostering competitive spirit and instilling an international perspective. 

At our golf academy, students receive guidance from professional coaches and have opportunities to participate in various domestic and international competitions and events, laying a solid foundation for their future development. Our aim is to cultivate outstanding young individuals with a global outlook and competitive spirit.

Our Core Values

These are what we preach


Providing personalized coaching to enhance individual skills.


Cultivating a culture of respect, integrity, and unity within our community.


Fostering strong bonds and teamwork among our members.


Encouraging healthy competition while promoting good sportsmanship.


Nurturing personal charisma through the art of golf.

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